A company is nothing without a solid foundation, and our Operations Team is as solid as you can get. These are the people who make sure our operations run smoothly.

head-5Thorhallur Gudmundsson, B.Sc.

Production Manager

Thorhallur has a B.Sc. in Business from the University of Iceland and is a seasoned production manager in algae production. Prior to Algalif, he worked as a R&D supervisor in the pharmaceutical industry. Thorhallur has 18 years’ experience in designing processes, commissioning various new technologies, and operating a GMP pilot plant factory in the most demanding environments.

head-3Stefán Gudmundsson, B.Sc.

Project Manager 

Stefan studied Economics at University of Iceland. He has 20 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry, including  factory construction and development. Stefan has also extensive training in GMP and Project Management, and experience training personnel on GMP. Stefan joined Algalif in 2013. He currently manages the expansion of the plant in Iceland.

head-9Thomas Edwards, B.Sc.

Plant Engineer

Thomas has a B.S. in Mechatronic Engineering Technology from the University of Iceland. He heads up Algalif’s maintenance program and assists in the development of the plant’s expansion project.